About Us

It’s not just food, it’s a magical escape into Asian culinary delight.

Our eclectic array of offerings is not just great food; it is a manifestation of our commitment to bringing the best Asian food at Rosebery.

Classic, timeless, and unbelievably seductive, yes, we are talking about food that we serve. Our food is an experience like no other; it makes you order with us again and again.

Find a truly magical escape as we take pride in serving and sharing our love of the Asian cuisine with our customers. Our passion has got even stronger after years of serving fantastic combinations and dishes of noodles, rice, and sauces.

Our menu is exciting and suitable for dishes cooked fresh and to absolute perfection for a gastronomic experience that is truly unforgettable. The menu boasts of traditional Asian food with a new adventure. The focus always remains on freshness, bold flavours, and contemporary influence in our signature dishes.

While old favourites are popular, we consistently try to improve our dishes to bring to you exciting new taste every time you order with us.

 We have stuck to the old age basics of traditional good service; we offer hospitality that enhances your experience every time.